Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

Whiplash in West Haven, UT

Whether you have suffered a sports injury or auto accident, you may have whiplash in West Haven, UT. This is a very common type of neck injury that we treat naturally here at Live Well Chiropractic. To get started with treatment, learn more about this type of neck pain and what to expect with chiropractic care.

Man with whiplash needs chiropractic care.

Understanding Whiplash

A whiplash is a severe form of a neck injury. When you are involved in a collision, such as being hit by another person or by a vehicle, your neck is jerked in an unexpected motion. As a result, your neck muscles are likely to be torn and your upper cervical vertebrae may be dislocated. 

These conditions lead to inflammation and swelling in the neck, which strictly limits your mobility. Fortunately, whiplash is fully treatable using chiropractic care. In fact, if you seek chiropractic care before you lose mobility due to whiplash, we can provide you with treatment to reduce inflammation.

Chiropractic Care for Whiplash

By choosing chiropractic care for your whiplash, you are opting for a drug-free, surgery-free treatment approach. This can greatly reduce your recovery time while offering you all-natural pain relief. Our chiropractor can use spinal adjustments to realign your vertebrae and reduce pressure on your neck muscles and nerve endings. 

This naturally lessens inflammation, which is the first step toward recovering from a whiplash. We can also help you with posture therapy to help you maintain correct neck, shoulder, and upper back positioning. This will strengthen your musculoskeletal system and prevent reoccurring neck pain after your injury. 

Visiting Our Chiropractor

Soon after your incident, you might not have neck pain at all. As a result, you might delay in visiting our chiropractor for treatment for whiplash in West Haven. However, this is in error. If you are using your health insurance benefits to pay for medical treatment after your accident, you likely have a limited time to get a diagnosis. 

By visiting our chiropractor immediately after your injury we can diagnose whether you have whiplash—long before you see symptoms. This also enables our chiropractor to provide you with optimal treatment before your neck muscles become severely inflamed. You will be able to reduce your recovery time and hopefully prevent your muscles from seizing up completely due to whiplash.

Choosing Our Chiropractor in West Haven

Are you ready to get started with neck pain relief with a chiropractor in West Haven? We can help adults, as well as children, with treatment for whiplash. In addition, we specialize in sports injury recovery, specifically injuries associated with neck pain and whiplash. Contact Live Well Chiropractic at (801) 731-9899 to schedule a comprehensive exam for whiplash along with treatment. We also offer urgent care chiropractic services for emergencies.


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