Detox & Weight Loss


EAT WELL is the nutritional arm of Live Well Chiropractic where we work with patients to improve their overall wellness. We're passionate about helping you reach your goals and find vibrant, lasting health. To that end, we offer various nutritional programstherapies, health education, and wellness support. These services include the following:

  • Complete Nutritional Assessment and Health Evaluations for Adults and Children
  • Fat Loss, Detoxification, and Candida Cleanse Programs
  • Pain Management, Stress Management, and Sleep Well Programs
  • All-Natural Nutritional Support for Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Dementia, Depression, Thyroid Disease, Adrenal Fatigue, & Others
  • Inflammatory Conditions including Kidney Stones, Lung & Skin Disorders, ADD/ADHD, GERD, and other Digestive Disorders
  • Nutritional Brain/Nerve Therapy
  • Brain Reprogramming Sessions with Light and Sound Stimulation
  • Personal Health Coaching
  • Full-service Detox Therapies including Whole Body Vibration, Detox Ionic Footbath, Infrared Sauna, Inch Loss Body Wraps, and Lymphatic Detox Massage
  • All Natural Herbal Support
  • Free Monthly Health Education Classes

Get Moving and Get Healthy

We give every patient a complete nutritional assessment and health evaluation to determine the right course of action. Our educational tools and resources also help prepare our patients to continue their healthy living journey long after their treatment is over. Patients are guided by our excellent chiropractor and nutritional expert, who provides the best natural alternatives for success.

Our patient Christine shared this with us: "I loved my experience with the 5 Week Candida Cleanse! I was skeptical because I've always had a hard time losing weight, but this cleanse helped me drop 20 pounds and keep it off for over a year. The detoxing body wraps also made a HUGE difference in the way I look and feel. I'd recommend this program to anyone who wants to make dramatic changes in their life and health."

Call Live Well Chiropractic today for a consultation to explore our weight loss and detoxification programs. Good health starts with a clean body! For more information, call (801) 731-9899 today!


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