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We have orthopedic supplies from pillows to supports and braces available in stock or we can order them specifically for you. The purpose of these supplies are to help assist your body in maintaining proper support and alignment to prevent further wear and tear on your body. 

One size does not always fit all! Make sure your pillow supports your spine correctly. Come test our pillows to see if we have the right fit for you.


The chiroflow (water) pillow improves quality of sleep by adjusting to changes in sleeping positions while supporting the head and neck. The heavier head will compress the water and thereby pushing into less resistance which will allow the neck to receive the support it needs in the most comfortable way.


The Tri-Core pillow supports the spine and neck for side and back sleepers. There are two sizes for the different positions and also for smaller and larger statures. We also carry the sleep smart pillow which is less aggressive than the Tri-Core while offering similar benefits.


Leg spacer pillows help relieve pressure and strain on the lower back, knees and ankles. Lumbar supports assist in achieving correct posture for the office and car.


Other supports and braces for specific conditions ranging from tendinitis to back strains are available and recommended after a complete exam and diagnosis.


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