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Tens Units
tensunit.jpg"TENS" is the acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A "TENS unit" is a pocket size, portable, battery-operated device that sends electrical impulses to certain muscles of the body to block pain signals. The electrical currents produced are mild, but can prevent pain messages from being transmitted to the brain and may raise the level of endorphins (natural pain killers produced by the brain). These units are a must have in most households and must be prescribed by Dr. Tolman or another physician. The units may be purchased to use as directed or can also be rented for monthly use upon availability and need.

Exercise Equipment
Our low cost, low tech exercise equipment includes exercise balls, resistanexerciseequip.jpgce bands, balance boards, stationary bicycle pedals, and a tubing/ pulley combo kit. Using low-tech and low-cost equipment that you can learn to do in the walls of your own home at your own pace and schedule, makes it easier to be compliant to your rehabilitative regimen. Many athletic trainers have taught that the use of these low cost materials may actually be more effective than the most expensive gym equipment. 

biofreeze.jpgBiofreeze relieves pain by using cold therapy and natural soothing ingredients. This long lasting, deep penetrating pain relief lasts several hours. Pain-free muscles heal faster with this greaseless, stainless, no lingering odor product. Live Well Chiropractic is a distributor of this pain relieving gel that can be purchased in single use dispensers, tubes, roll-ons and spray bottles.


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