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We value our patients' experience at Live Well Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, it would mean the world to us if you'd leave us a Google review! 

Also, check out this additional feedback from patients we've enjoyed serving over the years:

"Was recommended to come here due to throwing my lower back out and basically couldn't even walk for a few days due to pain, and I'm so glad I came in because it was literally a life saver. Everyone here, and I mean everyone has been extremely fun, kind, professional, easy going and encouraging to be around which makes every day I come in a treat. Through my process here of going through adjustments, massage, and rehabilitation has definitely been a life changer for me to enjoy my body without aches and pains, so with that I will forever to continue to come in and take care of my body! Also, they are very open to everything that they do here, what to expect as far financials and the treatments you will receive while here. At the end of the day, no matter you are If your in pain or even if your not, I highly recommend coming here and have a conversation, get checked out and get an adjustment. Love this place!!! Thank you everyone you made me feel great again!"


"I have had lots of pelvic and hip pain because of pregnancy and ever since coming in and getting adjusted, therapy and Massage Ive had little to no pain in my pelvis and hips. Coming to live well chiropractic has changed my whole pregnancy experience for the better! I would recommend anyone and everyone!"


"I've been to a couple other chiropractic services and none compare the Live Well Chiropractic. Everyone here is extremely friendly and treat you as an individual not just another patient. I've had the pleasure to both the chiropractic and the message multiple times and everytime has been great. Got my first acupuncture done and I was really apprehensive about it but it was great. They talk you through it and are compassionate in their work. I come in with a pain and leave feeling lighter, grounded and with a smile every time.
Thanks for the great work!"


"Live Well Chiropractic has helped me with all of the small things that kept me away from my health. They taught me how to be obedient with my bodies lifestyle! Thanks guys!"


"I was nervous about going but once I got there the  environment was welcoming. Everyone is nice and professional, it was quick and easy. I would most definitely recommend Live Well Chiropractic to everyone!"


"Dr. Tolman is very knowledgeable and professional. He knows his craft well. And he is personable and friendly. I will be recommending Live Well Chiropractic to everyone."


"I have been a patient of Dr. Tolman for close to seven years now. Not only is he technically excellent at chiropractic adjustments and treatment, but his intention and his spirit of service are incredibly healing as well. I can get in to see him for an appointment without a long wait - usually on the same day I call. The front office and the massage therapist do excellent and efficient work - as well as being friendly and pleasant to be around. The prices are quite reasonable and the process of seeing the doctor is streamlined by well-designed use of technology. I have recommended Dr. Tolman to many friends and clients of mine, and want to echo that recommendation here. I know many people have reservations about chiropractic - and Dr. Tolman and his staff are the real deal! If you need an adjustment - call him today!"


"I have been a roofer for 15 years. I started experiencing pressure and pain in my lower back, sacral region. I made many visits to neurosurgeons and physical therapists without any relief. They took 2 MRI's on my back and could see nothing wrong. But I could sure feel the pain. I was worried I would not be able to continue to work. I finally decided to go to the chiropractor. I came to see Dr. Tolman and with just one visit and adjustment in my sacral region, all the pressure was gone that I had for 2 years. I've continued to get adjustments and refer people to him because of the relief that it has given me"


"Before I came to Dr. Tolman, I was experiencing headaches several times a week and almost constant neck pain. I didn't know what it was like to not have a headache for many years. I started coming three times a week at first, and I noticed an improvement within the first two weeks. After the first month of care, I was only getting headaches once every couple of weeks, and they were much less severe. My neck was also drastically improved. Now, after just three months of chiropractic care, I would say that I am over 90% improved. I no longer worry every morning whether this will be a day where my head or my neck will hurt, -I know they won't!"


"I became one of Dr. Tolman's patients 3 weeks after my 4th child was born. I had so much pain in my shoulders and back that it hurt just to hold my baby. My husband had been a patient for a while but I had always been very skeptical. I got so desperate that I made an appointment. Over a couple of weeks, I could feel an improvement and Dr. Tolman talked to me about getting on a family plan. I didn't think I'd ever bring my kids in, but the family plan ended up being less than paying for mine and my husbands care separately, so I signed up. I ended up bringing the kids in quite often. When my daughter fell out of the swing it was reassuring to be able to bring her in to have Dr. Tolman check her out (and there was no co-pay). Two of my children no longer have problems with ear infections. It's been nice to be able to bring them in for an adjustment to ease their pain or fevers. They actually look forward to going to the chiropractor and sometimes when I've had an appointment, I've had to go without telling them because they'll beg to come with me!"


"I learned about Dr. Tolman and Live Well Chiropractic from friends who knew that I needed to improve my health. I feel that chiropractics is very much worth my time. It makes me feel like my body is improving in strength. I have been to one other chiropractor besides Dr. Tolman. I believe that Dr. Tolman is more specific to certain areas. This approach has helped me regain my health and has taught me what to do and what not to do, where my posture is concerned. The care at Live Well Chiropractic is friendly, convenient, and very informational."


"I have been in chiropractic care since my first visit to Dr. Tolman. I was at my wits end, after being told by a couple of doctors I would have to go to an orthopedic specialist for the neck pain I was experiencing. There were other health problems in addition to the neck pain; however, I thought each ailment was an independent problem. For example, I had been having trouble sleeping; my memory kept getting further away from me, there was pain in my left arm which I was certain was related to my heart. My knees hurt when walking up steps, and I couldn't turn my heard around while backing out of the driveway to check what was in my path. In other words I was falling apart and didn't know who to turn to. With just my first visit to Dr. Tolman, I immediately felt relief. He put my mind at ease about having a possible 'tumor' or impending 'heart attack.' Dr. Tolman is great to explain why the body is having pain and how his treatment plan will correct the problems. He teaches the value of proper nutrition, which is imperative to aid the body with the healing process. To my pleasant surprise, other little 'bothersome' ailments went away as well, which has taught me just how 'the neck bone really is connected to the shoulder bone'. like the song says. Dr. Tolman has an awesome staff; they are compassionate, friendly, and sincerely devoted to providing the highest level of patient care possible. I also believe in Divine intervention. Of all the chiropractic doctors in the phone book, something urged me to choose Dr. Tolman. I am so thankful that I did."


"I would like to say a few words about how impressed I am with how much chiropractic has helped me in my everyday life. I am a tattoo artist and I am rarely in an upright position. My usual day consists of about 12-13 hours of being hunched over in uncomfortable positions. Before I started seeing Dr. Tolman I would take occasional breaks just so I could stand upright for a few minutes. I would come home after a work day and lay on my stomach because my back would hurt so bad I couldn't even lay on it. I would favor my left hip and even when I would lie down I couldn't lay flat. I started seeing the Dr T because of a car wreck where I was rear ended. The incident left me in more pain than I already was. After the first two visits I started noticing my stamina was better, I wasn't taking as many breaks, I wasn't coming home and lying on my stomach and I was definitely in a better mood all day. I have decided that even after I am done with the whiplash treatment that was prescribed; I will still be scheduling regular visits to be adjusted. It's just common sense. I have learned better habits as well, such as posture standing, posture sitting, and vitamins to help joints and bones, stretches, and how much water I should be drinking. It does make a difference. I didn't want to see a medical physician because I knew they would only throw pills at my problem, collect my money and be done with it. If I can get fixed, really fixed, and save money on prescriptions that I don't need then why not?

"So in closing I would say yes. Chiropractic works well and I see no reason to stop my visits any time soon."



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